Introducing BraveU - A virtual reality exposure healing solution for anyone suffering
from PTSD.

BraveU - To Heal PTSD

BraveU, KickstartWork virtual reality (VR) PTSD healing platform, is developed with the aim to heal or reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This product is made for Doctors, Therapists, Hospitals, Clinics, Military bases & Academic centers. Exposure healing is an emerging tech where a patient – guided by a trained therapist – face their trauma memories in a controlled and safe virtual reality environment. 

We can quickly offer series of virtual scenarios (developed within 3D Virtual World's) specifically designed to represent relevant contexts for VR exposure healing such as:


01. Battle-Ground / war & armed conflict (Explore More)

02. Surviving a fire accident (Explore More)

03. Thalassophobia, fear of the ocean (Explore More)

04. Natural Disaster (Explore More)

05. Surviving Nightmares (Explore More)

06. Fear of Public Speaking (Explore More)

Complete customized scenarios can be developed according to your requirements. Customized product will be provided at a very nominal cost. Your customized product will be powered with your branding + Logo.

"BraveU, KickstartWork virtual reality (VR) exposure healing system will be supplied with customized scenarios. The therapist can always load / use different scenarios according to requirement, display the scene of the traumatic incident in the virtual world and putting the patient right back in the scenario"

Introducing BraveU - PTSD healing VR software platform for you

BraveU- customized scenarios for you

BraveU PTSD healing platform supplied with all customized scenarios you want. You get what you want.

BraveU - Lifetime Licenses for you 

PTSD healing platform supplied with lifetime license. There are no monthly recurring costs involved of anykind.

Connect with as many patients as you want

You can work with any number of patients as you want. There is no restriction of any kind. Promote your brand.

PTSD healing solution with customized scenarios

Only available to Doctors, Therapist (Hospital, clinics, military bases and academic centers.

No of Scenarios

01, 03, 06

VR Compatibility


Mobile Support



BraveU VR based PTSD healing software platform is supplied with your customized scenarios. Single license of software can be install on one machine / operate on one mobile device. Multiple licenses are available. You can-not sell, resell, or rent this software to anyone. Software originally designed for Windows platform. Screen Mirroring will be used to run this software solution on mobile devices.

You can get rid of them easily.

PTSD, Phobia, Anxiety are simple brain disorders.