Yog Therapy - Immersive Healing (IH) platform for mental health professionals- Handle Anxiety, Stress, Health & Pain management. 

KickstartWork - IH

"Probably the best Yog therapy toolkit in the world"

​The benefits of cardio exercises in improving physical and mental health have been already known. KickstartWork IH toolkit helps doctors & therapist exploring classical yog techniques to help their patients in fighting various disorders such as anxiety, stress and pain, also a “hot topic” in the field of psychology. IH Toolkit helps mastering practice aimed to achieve better health through the use of meditation and physical postures. Following modules now available.

A. For Brain

Yog therapy for healing anxiety

Yog therapy for healing stress

Yog therapy for better sleep

B. For Pain Management

Yog therapy for back-pain

Yog therapy for joints

Yog therapy for Arthritis

Yog mudra for healing pain


C. For Physical Health

Yog therapy for diabetes

Yog therapy for obesity


Yearly licensing available.

You can get rid of them easily.

PTSD, Phobia, Anxiety are simple brain disorders.