Introducing the most advanced VR software platform to heal or reduce Phobia, Anxiety & Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

Use KickstartWork AL Healing Software Toolkit

"Probably the best Virtual Reality - human brain healing toolkit in the world"

We offer multiple phobias healing software's under the brand name KickstartWork-AL. Each individual KickstartWork-AL software is focusing on healing a specialized phobia. Every VR software product is compiled in a unique manner so things, scenarios, environments 'feels like real', without real world constraints. Our software's are developed to work on Windows OS.

How this work - 101 (PC, Android & iOS Mobile)

01. Product must be used by Doctors, Therapists or Certified Healers. Download and install KickstartWork healing software platform toolkit on your windows PC.

02. You can navigate with a mouse, controller or a joystick. Head phones are required.


03. KickstartWork VR Head mounted device for mobile offer best results hence it's recommended. You can connect your mobiles by mirroring on (Android & iOS) from your windows PC hardware. To experience things on mobile you can use KickstartWork VR Mobile Holder or similar hardware. Please note that  KickstartWork VR Mobile Holder is different from Google Cardboard. KickstartWork won't work with Google Cardboard.

How this work - 201 (Important - Do not skip)

01. You can select various scenario (Levels) from the main menu of KickstartWork-AL healing software.

02. These scenarios are specially designed so you may interact with your fear in a controlled and safe environment. You must always start with Scenario-1 as a safe bet. First level is light and it may not increase anxiety rapidly. Start very slow and interact with scenario and elements within slowly.

03. If you feel tense, if you feel anxiety / panic, stop and quite the software. It's very normal. Take rest as long as you want. When-ever you fell ready again, start software and explore same level. We recommend you spend at-least 3 days to explore each scenario / level. You may soon feel that anxiety is less intense now. That's a good sign but do not rush and do not jump into next level till your anxiety or fear decrease to a large extent.

04. Keep interacting within same level. Soon, there will be a time when you feel no anxiety or panic attack while facing your fear within first scenario. That's the sign you are ready to move to next level and so on.

05. By the time you finish all scenarios, your fear, anxiety, will reduce massively or may end fully.

Caution & Disclaimer

This is not a game. This is a gamification scenario. We do not recommend pregnant women and heart patients to use this product. This product must be used by a qualified doctor / therapist. We bear no legal responsibility of any kind, towards anyone, from any loss or damage of any kind, by using the KickstartWork AL software toolkit. Please read "Notice & Disclaimer" before using any KickstartWork product.

You can get rid of them easily.

PTSD, Phobia, Anxiety are simple brain disorders.