Let's Re-train the brain with  KickstartWork Healing Worlds platform toolkit & get rid of Phobias.

Healing brain is healing self.

"Probably the best Virtual Reality - human brain healing toolkit in the world"

Immersive virtual-reality environments are helping psychologists and healers heal everything from PTSD to phobia. Human brain reacts almost identically in VR as it does in real life scenarios, When you develop something in VR, and later when somebody’s interacting with that scenario, brain can easily gets fooled. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica of reality for people to suspend belief and interact with the digital content as if it’s the real thing.”

KickstartWork Healing Worlds is developed with the help of clinical psychologists working closely with development team to bring to life a state of the art virtual reality exposure healing system for anyone interested in improving a variety of mental health symptoms associated with phobias.

When brain believes in something - It changes

Virtual Reality Immersion / Exposure healing (VRIEH) have the ability to turn on or off the brain’s activities. This offer the possibilities to heal many disorders. Some people may see Virtual Reality as a way to escape reality, and some have raised ethical concerns but in practical terms Virtual Reality can re-train human brain like no one else. All the things you tell yourself (and have told yourself in the past), your subconscious mind has accepted as real… as the truth. ... Your mind is like a computer and these thoughts and beliefs are the software running in the recesses of your mind where you cannot see them. The more powerful you can visualize - better for brain to understand. Only your strong believes can change the thought pattern of your brain. Virtual Reality Immersion / Exposure healing (VRIEH) platform offers you power to dream and visualize scenarios in positive manner. More and positive visualization help your brain heal, fast. 

You can get rid of them easily.

PTSD, Phobia, Anxiety are simple brain disorders.