Introducing Next Generation Phobia Healing Solution for Doctors, Therapists & Certified Healers.

KickstartWork - AL

"Probably the best Virtual Reality - human brain healing toolkit in the world"

KickstartWork AL is the next generation phobia & anxiety healing software. This system re-creates realistic virtual environments to present the user with situations not normally attainable in everyday life with the objective of relieving anxiety or phobias. This is not a game, but a gamification experience. KickstartWork Artificial Life (AL) helps in healing or reducing symptoms of phobia & anxiety. The software is a work in progress and new modules will be added to this healing kit regularly. 

KickstartWork Artificial Life (AL) is a virtual world specially made for healing purpose. This virtual world can be accessed by installing KickstartWork-AL software. Doctor, Therapist or a certified healer may help participant to navigate within this artificial world as an observer. See how things happening in this artificial reality. While moving around within different levels user encounter his greatest fears.

Multiple scenarios developed inside 3D digital worlds allows you to fight with your fear or anxiety within safe environments, which looks real. This is a must healing platform for everyone. Download software and start healing.

You can get rid of them easily.

PTSD, Phobia, Anxiety are simple brain disorders.