PTSD Therapy Platform

For Mental Health Professionals

Revolutionizing mental health - PTSD.

Introducing state of the art PTSD exposure therapy platform. ​Multiple scenarios developed with-in 3D virtual worlds that allows participant to fight with their fear or anxiety in virtual environments which looks real. Product is now available for Mental Health Professionals.


Heal the brain in a controlled

& safe virtual environment

During a traditional therapy session, therapist re-create traumatic situation as if it was happening again in the present. This all require imaging past situation but it generally never feel real.

KickstartWork PTSD exposure therapy platform helps one in experiencing the situation within a three dimensional environment. This helps one in experiencing and face their fears, learning that what they're scared of can't hurt them anymore and that they are safe now. During exposure therapy session, one gradually faces their fear in a controlled situation which looks extremely real.

In VR teach, Exposure healing is the best way to overcome PTSD, phobias or anxiety. The field is still young, but early results are positive. In Newcastle's first study, four of the nine children completely overcame their phobias and two learned to manage their anxiety enough to functional normally. The team has teamed up with the UK's National Health Service for a second, larger, study.

Young Man in Therapy

PTSD - Therapy Platform

Treat Phobia, Anxiety & PTSD.