Introducing KickstartWork VR

Heal psychological disorders such as PTSD, Anxiety, Stress or Phobias with the Virtual Reality Immersive / Exposure healing software toolkit. Download KickstartWork VR healing toolkit & experience it yourself.

Revolutionizing mental health & psychological healing software toolkit - Do it yourself, VR Immersive/Exposure healing 

Introducing specialized VR software's from KickstartWork for Widows PC which helps in healing PTSD, anxieties, stress and phobias. This is a must Virtual Reality self help toolkit for anyone fighting with mental disorder. No medicine required to progress. Download and try it yourself.

Latest VR Immersive/Exposure healing software's for human brain

"Probably the best Virtual Reality - human brain healing toolkit in the world"

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The ultimate virtual reality platform for healing mental disorders

Immersive Digital Worlds

Healing scenarios developed inside immersive 3D Worlds.

Self Heal Tool

Download software and start navigate to heal your brain.

High Quality Render

Fight with your fear or anxiety in environment which looks real.

No Medicine Required

Immersive healing of brain doesn't require any medicine. 

Work with Smart AI

System controlled by Komsi Health Care AI. 

Support PC & Display device

Software support Windows 10, OS X & VR Display devices.

In-house developed Brain Care AI

Artificial intelligence in healthcare is the use of complex algorithms and software in other words artificial intelligence (AI) to emulate human cognition. KickstartWork Brain Care AI is designed to streamline healthcare machine learning. Algorithm and hyper parameter choices make models accurate and easy to train. They do this by including functionality specific to psychological healing, as well as simplifying the workflow of creating and deploying models.

Brain care AI is developed in house for Python, one of the most common languages used by data scientists. Practical algorithms of Brain Care AI are suitable for psychological healing applications. This is a robust AI decision framework, helping you understand the considerations associated with implementing AI in healing (health care).

Fight phobia as a digital avatar in a controlled & safe environment

Phobia, PTSD or Anxiety are not a diseases. These are simple disorders. A subject talk to psychologist during a traditional therapy session. Psychologist re-create traumatic situation as if it was happening again in the present. This all require imaging past situation but it generally never feel real.

An immersive / Exposure healing system help everyone to experience the situation within a photo-realistic 3-dimensional digital virtual world. This helps subject in experiencing and face their fears, learning that what they're scared of can't hurt them anymore and that they are safe now. During immersive / exposure healing, a patient gradually faces their fear in a controlled situation which looks extremely real.

Immersive / Exposure Healing systems are the best way to overcome disorders such as Phobias, PTSD or anxiety. These are common disorders where subjects usually tend to avoid those hurtful situations. The field is still young, but early results are positive. In Newcastle's first study, four of the nine children completely overcame their phobias and two learned to manage their anxiety enough to functional normally. The team has teamed up with the UK's National Health Service for a second, larger, study.

You can get rid of them easily.

PTSD, Phobia, Anxiety are simple brain disorders.